• hair care
  • skin care
  • body care
  • hand care
  • eye care

nonmedicinal product

  • hair care
  • body care


Procurement of materials and raw materials carefully selected by our research department

All raw materials are selected and procured through independent testing that does not rely solely on Material Safety Data Sheets.

Clean environment and uncompromising quality checks at the group's new plant

Our products are of reliable quality, produced in a manufacturing environment that meets international requirements and in a clean work environment based on a philosophy that emphasizes people and workplaces.

Manufacture of products with minimal adverse effects on the human body

We offer formulas that are simple and provide a strong sense of function.
We also offer products in which chemical ingredients are replaced with plant-derived ingredients that are considered healthier for the body.

Commercialization based on black hair and bare skin

We would like to revitalize new products, menus, and styles from overseas in Japan and disseminate them domestically and internationally.


We create products that will be repeated.

We support our customers' requests by integrating sales, planning and development, and manufacturing, taking advantage of our communication skills and network cultivated in the beauty industry.

Product: Any product that meets your quality requirements
Target: Age, hair, skin, style
Dosage: Correct usage (site, timing, amount)

We will scientifically investigate the combination of products, targets, and usage, and provide effective information that will enable us to realize your requirements.


Our group company was the first in Japan to introduce new salon menu items to the market, such as high-end one-person permanent wave products and hair manicures.
We are confident not only in the quality of the products themselves, but also in the quality of the ideas at the heart of our product development.
We can also provide ideas for branding, package design, naming, and additional tools that will be recognized by our customers.


We will work with you to create products that meet your needs and that have been filtered through our many years of experience and know-how in the beauty industry.
Our sales, development, and manufacturing teams work in unison to provide consistent support from sales, development, and manufacturing to follow-up services.

We listen carefully to your wishes and product image. We will also offer advice on how to create better products.
We plan and draft products according to your requests. We will make a presentation including the concept.
Prototype development and design meeting
We make a prototype of the contents and submit a sample. We ask for specific requests regarding the "look and feel" of the container, including shape, color, and design.
Improved prototype and package design decided
We will ask for your feedback and suggestions for improvement after using the samples, and repeat the prototyping process. We will also finalize the package design.
As soon as we have a rough idea of the contents, container, and other specifications, we will submit a rough estimate.
Specification determination and final estimate
Once the formulation, package design, order quantity, etc. are finalized, we will submit a final quotation.
Regulatory filings and production
Production will begin as soon as the application for the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and other laws and regulations have been completed, depending on the requested time frame.
Delivery and follow-up
Based on post-launch evaluations and needs, we will provide information on renewals and new products.

Estimated product development turnaround time: ~ approx. 6 months

*Quasi-drugs require a separate application period.