Certified by global standards
PB hair care products

Ltd., our group company, we can produce vegan, cosmos, peta, and halal certified hair care products that are gentle to hair and skin and environmentally friendly.


Through its products,
leads to a healthy mind, body, and environment.

  • Clean Beauty Standard
    (The Group's own standards for procurement of raw materials in pursuit of greater safety and security)
  • ISO22716 certified factory / Cosmetics GMP
    (International standard for manufacturing control and quality control)
  • COSMOS Certification / Cosmos Organic Cosmos Natural
    (Certified organic product manufacturing facility)
  • VEGAN and PETA certification / No animal-derived ingredients, no animal testing
    (a representative international certification for botanical products)
  • HALAL certification / means "what is allowed" in the discipline of animal welfare and people's health
    (oldest natural certification)


OLILABO can help
Children and the earth friendly
PB hair care products that are friendly to children and the earth.

In order to respond to our customers' desire for a "special sustainable society," we at OLILABO share the know-how of our group company, Number Three Corporation, and are able to create sustainable, earth-friendly hair care products.
We also support procedures for various environmental organizations and certification bodies.

Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Initiatives

  • BLUE SKY / Solar power generation, SBT membership
    (Engaged in CO2 reduction projects, creating an environment blessed with clear skies)
  • Implementation of GREEN FOREST/Forestock Project
    (Creating a sustainable production/consumption system and creating an environment blessed with lush greenery and nature)
  • BLUE OCEAN / Proactive use of biomass plastics, reduction of plastic usage, and becoming a member of the Plastic Neutral Society
    (Efforts to reduce the amount of waste and create an environment blessed with bountiful oceans)


We can give shape to our customers' "ideas.
your "ideas" can take shape.

We at OLILABO can do more than just create products.
We also provide product development support to give shape to our customers' ideas, support for trademark registration and acquisition of various certifications, and sales support for overseas sales, etc. We work as one group to help our customers create products that will keep them coming back.


Exceeding customer expectations
High quality, high added value
Product development

We will support the creation of products that will be repeated by the
group as a whole, utilizing the know-how cultivated in the beauty industry.